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ANACARIBE is the first and only port agency servicing all cruise vessels in the island of Roatán, Honduras. Thanks to the experience and professional service, our young and proactive team that is always searching for improvement on a daily basis. We have more than 20 years of experience in port agency services. In recent years ANACARIBE has maintained a portfolio of approximately 14 known and satisfied companies, including renowned clients such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Carnival Corp. & PLC. Our experience and services are focused on quality and customer satisfaction, which makes us a safe and professional choice.


We focus on providing the best experience in maritime and logistics services, promoting a culture based on ethical values.


To Provide our customers with the best experience in maritime and logistics services.

Quality Policy

Anacaribe is committed to provide  the best customers experience, through optimal management and innovation of its processes, promoting continuous improvement and a culture based on ethical and social responsibility values.




We encourage the development and growth of our employees by promoting a fair work environment, developing respect, transparency and honesty in each of our business activities, creating added value for our business partners. 



We put our capacities to the maximum to fulfill the entrusted responsibilities and demonstrate a positive attitude to carry out the assigned tasks. 

We are committed to meet the customer needs and our business objectives through the efficient use of resources, by generating strategies to reduce the ecological impact of our operations. 



Our work teams have a positive and united attitude allowing the fulfillment of our objectives. 

We unite our strength, will and resources to satisfy needs within our society, generating a better quality of life within the environment that surrounds us. 



We are governed by practices and attitudes necessary to achieve our desired objectives, by distributing our space, time, resources and activities allows us to be responsible and efficient in the activities we carry out. 



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Our collaborators give the maximum performance within the alignment of personal and professional objectives, allowing attitudes of deep commitment to fulfill the promises and challenges that arise, including in changing situations. 

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